Ruling the Script: Seven Palaeography Sessions at Leeds IMC 2012

I am very pleased indeed to hear that the International Medieval Congress (IMC) Leeds has accepted seven sessions on palaeography this year, meaning that there will be no fewer than twenty-one papers on the subject on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th of July 2012. This amount of palaeography at Leeds is unprecedented to my knowledge and is thanks to the work of Georg Vogeler (Karl Franzens-Universität, Graz) and Dominique Stutzmann (IRHT, Paris), as well as the financial support of APICES, the Association paléographique internationale: Culture – Écriture – Société.

DigiPal will be represented through a paper by Peter Stokes on 'Rule and Variation in English Vernacular Minuscule', but there will be contributions on a wide range of other topics including computer-based measurements of scripts, other aspects of variation and regularity in handwriting, epigraphy, and artworks, incorporating not only Latin and Western European vernaculars but also material in Syriac and Hebrew.

The schedule is not yet up on the IMC website, but see instead the blog post by Dominique Stutzmann (introduction in French, but the full list of papers and abstracts is given in English). A Spanish version is also provided on the Conscriptio site by Néstor Vigil Montes.

Many congratulations to Georg and Dominique, and I look forward to a lot of interesting discussion at the sessions this July.


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