Update: List of Speakers for the "Digital Approaches to Medieval Script and Image" Symposium

DigiPal One-Day Symposium

Date:     22nd November 2012

Venue:  University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street, W1W 6UW (Room CLG.09)


It is with great pleasure that the DigiPal team announce the full list of speakers for the "Digital Approaches to Medieval Script and Image" Symposium in November. If you haven't registered yet, then now would be the ideal moment to snap up one of the few remaining places! All you have to do is send an email (with your name and affiliation as you would like them to appear on your name badge) to digipal [at] kcl.ac.uk

All best, and hope to see you there,

Stewart Brookes and Peter Stokes

Speakers and confirmed titles

Stewart Brookes (King's College London) -- "You Can't Always Get What You Want: Selecting Images for the DigiPal Database"

Florence Codine (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) -- "Letters in Sharp Relief: Digital Images and Epigraphy through the Example of Coin Inscriptions"

Kathleen Doyle and Sarah Biggs (British Library)

Marc Michael Epstein (Vassar College) -- "The Chiasmatron: Hyperlinks and Pedagogical Methodology in the Study of the Iconography of Manuscripts Made for Jews in the Middle Ages"

Rachel Hart (Universities of St Andrews and Dundee) -- "Teaching and Learning Palaeography on Both Sides of the Tay: Physical and Digital Realities"

Catherine Karkov (University of Leeds) -- "Mourning Materiality in the Postdigital Era"

Neel Smith (College of the Holy Cross) -- "Analyzing Early Manuscripts of the Iliad with Scholia"

Peter A Stokes (King's College London) -- "Describing Handwriting, Describing Decoration – Then Finding it Again"

Jonathan Taylor (British Museum) -- "Towards a Digital Palaeography of Cuneiform”

Melissa Terras (University College London) -- "Trusting What We See: Issues of Provenance When Imaging Manuscript Material in Complex Ways"

Elaine Treharne (Stanford University) -- "Will the Real Palaeographer Please Stand Up"

Sarah Weston (Stanford University) -- "ST(M)EMS (Stanford Tree of (Medieval and) Early Modern Scripts) and the Implications of Online Paleographic Tools"


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