dhAHRC Workshop in London: Friday 27th June 2014: UPDATE

Following on from the huge success of their workshop in Oxford last week, the dhAHRC people have decided to do it all over again, this time at the British Library.[1] It should be noted for those lucky enough to have attended last week's workshop that the list of speakers for the London event is almost entirely different from those that took Oxford by storm. We say "almost" because DigiPal will feature again, the only surviving member of the original line-up.[2] Which goes to prove our point, that you can't have a hip'n'happening Digital Humanities bash without DigiPal being involved. Or, at least, not one entitled "Applying New Digital Methods to the Humanities" that takes place on 27th June at the British Library.

According to the dhAHRC website, topics will include "sharing data, digital publishing, databases and literary studies, mapping and visualisation methods." And in case that's not enough, the workshop will "offer an introduction to the practical skills researchers need in order to work effectively within and beyond universities, drawing on the knowledge and experience of expert researchers and practitioners from London and beyond." Sounds good to me. I'll be there. Here is a list of speakers:

  • Rosemary Bechler: "Audience Development ... should be everyone's job.
  • Stewart Brookes: "Turning the Final Pages: The DigiPal Database of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts"
  • Jane Gilbert and Paul Vetch: "'I was but the learner; now I am the master': Modelling and Implementing a Digital Resource for the Medieval Francophone Literary Cultures Outside France project"
  • Neil Jefferies: "Shared Canvas and IIIF"
  • Kimberly Kowal and Martin Foys: "Data + Place: Virtual Mappa and Other Forays into Spatial Data Production"
  • Chris Lintott: "Lessons from the Zooniverse: From Citizen Science to Digital Humanities"
  • Jason Sundram: "A Quantitative Approach to Haydn’s String Quartets"

  • Melissa Terras: "Digital Humanities Through and Through"
  • David Tomkins: "The Sound of the Crowd"

  • Jane Winters: "Big Data for Arts and Humanities Research"

  • David Wrisley: "Doing Things with a Spatial Dataset of Medieval Literature"

For more details and to book, click here: London dhAHRC

No DH event would be worth its salt without an app,[3] so download the dhAHRC Android event app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.justeventapps.DHCrowdScribeLondon

Hope to see you at the BL!

[1] Well, it's been planned for months, but where's the fun in announcing that?

[2] Breaking news from the event organisers is that "the other Oxford speakers have survived and we can assure you that they are all alive and well". I am grateful for that clarification.

[3] Shouldn't have said that as we haven't got one for the DigiPal Symposium in September.


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