Lambeth and Maidstone Bibles Reunited

An extraordinary opportunity for those of you in or near London in three week's time: the Lambeth and Maidstone Bibles are to be on display together for just two days at Lambeth Palace. This is only the second time the bibles have been together since the Reformation, and has been arranged to accompany Christopher De Hamel's lecture to the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library on 'Who commissioned the Lambeth Bible'. The full notice from the Friends is as follows:

Lambeth Bible and Maidstone Bible to be re-united

The Lambeth Bible, a giant illuminated Bible of the mid-twelfth century, is one of the finest examples in this country of Romanesque book illustration and one of the greatest treasures of Lambeth Palace Library, where it has been since 1610. The second volume of the Bible, separated from it during the sixteenth century and only identified in 1924, is now at Maidstone Museum.

By kind permission of Maidstone Museum, and in conjunction with Christopher de Hamel’s lecture to the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library, ‘Who commissioned the Lambeth Bible?’, both Bibles will be on display in the Great Hall of Lambeth Palace, offering an historic opportunity to see the two manuscripts together for only the second time since the Reformation.

Lecture (for Friends of Lambeth Palace Library): 3pm, Tuesday 4 June, in the Great Hall, Lambeth Palace SE1 7JU


Wednesday 5 June at 11am, 12 noon, 2pm and 3pm

Thursday 6 June at 11am, 12 noon, 2pm and 3pm

Viewing on these two days is free and open to all, but please book in advance, giving your name, contact details and choice of day and time. Access at these times only via the main Gatehouse of Lambeth Palace (opposite Lambeth Bridge), where a register of names will be kept.

To join the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library, please see the Library’s website:

Or email:; tel: 020 7898 1263.


Sponsored by the Friends of Lambeth Palace Library


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