Public Lecture: Books, Runes and Writing

An afternoon of talks for the public on the Anglo-Saxons will be taking place in central London on the 21 March 2012. Called 'The Anglo-Saxons: Who? Where? When? Why?', it promises a series of sessions on the history, language, writing, economy, and literature. I will be giving a brief history of handwriting during the Anglo-Saxon period, with lots of examples of runes and runestones as well as manuscripts. Come along to learn a bit about why our alphabet looks the way it does today, as well as:

  • See photos of real runes written by the Anglo-Saxons on stones, bones, combs and a casket, as well as in manuscripts.
  • See examples of secret writing used by the Anglo-Saxons.
  • Learn about letters in the English alphabet which are no longer used (including why Sir Menzies Campbell's name is pronounced the way it is).
  • See examples of extremely beautiful calligraphy, but also what an Anglo-Saxon shopping list looked like.
  • Have the chance to ask all the questions about things you always wanted to know.

I hope to see you all on the 21st!

Where? Institute of English Studies, Senate House, Russell Square, London
When? 21 March 2012, 2.15pm to 7.15pm
Details? See <>


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