CfP: 'Digital Resources for Palaeography' One-Day Symposium

5 September 2011, King’s College London

The 'Digital Resource and Database of Palaeography, Manuscripts and Diplomatic' (DigiPal) at the Centre for Computing in Humanities at King's College London is pleased to announce a one-day symposium on digital resources for palaeography.

In recent years, scholars have begun to develop and employ new technologies and computer-based methods for palaeographic research. The aim of the symposium is to present developments in the field, explore the limits of digital and computational-based approaches, and share methodologies across projects which overlap or complement each other.

Papers of 20 minutes in length are invited on any relevant aspect of digital methods and resources for palaeography and manuscript studies. Possible topics could include:

  • Project reports and/or demonstrations
  • Palaeographical method; 'Digital' and 'Analogue' palaeography
  • Quantitative and qualitative approaches
  • 'Scientific' methods, 'objectivity' and the role of evidence in manuscript studies
  • Visualisation of manuscript evidence and data
  • Interface design and querying of palaeographical material

To propose a paper, please send a brief abstract (250 words max) to digipal [at] The deadline for receipt of submissions is 8th May 2011.


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