Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop

The programme of the Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop for Easter Term 2014 is now available. The details of the flier that they have been circulating are reproduced below. The topics are very relevant for many of the discussions that have gone on here, and so I am very sorry that I am only available for one of them.

As usual, please send any enquiries to the workshop convenors (details below), not to us at DigiPal.


The Centre for Material Texts
Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop
Easter Term 2014

The Cambridge Medieval Palaeography Workshop is a forum for informal discussion on medieval script and scribal practices, and on the presentation, circulation and reception of texts in their manuscript contexts. Each workshop focuses upon a particular issue, usually explored through a pair of short presentations and general discussion. All are welcome.

Convenors: Teresa Webber, Orietta Da Rold, Suzanne Paul and David Ganz

For further details, email


Friday 2 May 2014, Cambridge University Library (Keynes Room), 2-4pm

Scribal Identification and its Hazards

  • Benjamin Pohl, ‘The hand of Robert of Torigni: methods of scribal identification’
  • Richard Beadle, ‘CUL MS Ee.1.12: the hand(s?) of James Ryman’


Friday 16 May 2014, Cambridge University Library (Milstein Seminar Room), 2-4pm

Transcription and its Hazards: Interpreting Scribal Practice

This workshop will focus upon various signs and penstrokes traced by scribes that are, by convention, either ignored in transcription or interpreted and recorded in a standardised form despite uncertainties about their function. Two informal presentations will focus upon vernacular manuscripts of the later middle ages, but it is hoped that discussion will broaden to include any such issue, whether encountered in copies of Latin or vernacular texts, and in manuscripts of any period.

  • Anna Dorofeeva: on diacritical marks and other problems of transcription posed by manuscripts of the twelfth-century Kaiserchronik and its later re-workings (for the Kaiserchronik project, see
  • Daniel Wakelin: on the use, possible function(s), and editorial treatment of the ‘otiose strokes’ with which scribes completed certain letters or letter combination in late-medieval copies of Middle English texts


Friday 23 May 2014: please note the Inaugural Colloquium of the Network for the Study of Caroline Minuscule to be held in the Cambridge University Library, Milstein Seminar Room, 9 am – 6 pm. Full details and information about registration may be found at


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