Manuscripts from Wales, AD 800-1250

Location: Council Room (K2.29), King's Building, Strand Campus

When: Tuesday 24th May 2016 (2pm-6pm)

Register here:

The manuscript evidence from pre-Edwardian Wales, though ravaged by the effects of Norman and Edwardian conquests of the eleventh and thirteenth centuries, demonstrates that Wales in the central Middle Ages enjoyed complex cultural traditions. The only part of Britain where the tradition of Latin writing can be demonstrated to have survived into the sub-Roman period, Wales was also a point of contact with Ireland and the European continent, a nexus of influences and languages, and a source of texts and scribal expertise exploited in Anglo-Saxon England.

This workshop brings together palaeographers, historians and literary scholars who work on the material remnants of early Latin and vernacular culture in Wales to discuss the problems and opportunities which this material presents.

Speakers will include:

  • Julia Crick (King's College London): Welcome and Opening Remarks. 
  • Colleen Curran (King's College London): "The Curious Case of the Caroline in Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 153"
  • Ben Guy (Cambridge): "Institutional Continuity and the Survival of Manuscripts from Early Medieval Wales" 
  • David Dumville (Aberdeen): "Brittonic scripts in the earlier Middle Ages: questions not asked, asked, and inadequately answered"
  • Helen McKee (RHUL): "The Corpus Martianus Capella"
  • Paul Russell (Cambridge): "Copying and Modernising the Book of Llandaff"
  • Myriah Williams (Cambridge): "Abbreviations in the Black Books"

See here for the full programme.

Organised by Julia Crick and Paul Russell.

(Image is a detail from the Cambridge Juvencus [CUL, MS Ff.4.42], f. 6r)


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