Thanks also to:

  • Giancarlo Buomprisco, University of Pisa: BA DH Student intern (February–March 2013), Dissertation project (April–June 2013). Implemented new website front end using Django Mezzanine and Bootstrap; helped to redesign interface based on work with Wei Zhang, the project team and focus groups. Designed and developed prototype 'virtual lightbox' for viewing and manipulation of images.
  • Riccardo Galdieri, University of Pisa: BA DH Student intern (April–June 2013). Designed and developed new framework for efficient and rapid data entry.
  • Brian Maher, King’s College London: MSc Individual Project (2012). Conducted feasibility study into automatic segmentation of images of manuscripts into individual letters; included developing prototype ImageSeg software. See Maher et al. 2013.
  • Ruth Mullett, Cornell: Summer intern (May–July 2012). Image annotation, user interface testing.
  • Jennifer Radecki, University College London: MA Student intern (May–July 2013). Conducted full usability/user experience study of website, resulting in a detailed report with recommendations for future development and improvements.
  • Wei Zhang (Vivi), King’s College London: MA DH Student intern (February–March 2013). Designed new site map, user journeys, and wireframes; designed, ran and analysed results from focus groups, questionnaires and user experience testing.


International Advisory Committee