Line-up for Leeds International Medieval Congress 2017...

The Models of Authority team and DigiPal are delighted to announce that between us we are sponsoring five sessions at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds next year (Monday 3rd July to Thursday 6th July 2017). Subjects covered will include diplomatic, palaeography, Scottish charters, Digital Humanities, the implications of the use of digital surrogates and IIIF. Almost a mini conference in itself! But enough preamble, listed below are the sessions and their respective papers.

We very much look forward to seeing you at some or (for inveterate set collectors) even all of them.

Session 813: Models of Authority in Scottish Charters, 1100-1250: Some Project Results
Tuesday 4th July: 4.30pm-6pm
• Alice Taylor (King's College London)
  "Institutional Interplay and Diplomatic Form in Royal and Non-Royal Acta, c. 1170-1250"
• Teresa Webber (University of Cambridge)
  "Lay Grantors and Handwriting as an Image of Authority in Scottish Charters, c. 1200-1250"
• John Reuben Davies (University of Glasgow)
  "Beneficiary Archives and Diplomatic Models in the Non-Royal Charters of Scotland, c. 1100-1250"

Session 1039: New Approaches to Researching Cartularies and Charters
Wednesday 5th July: 9am-10.30am
• Joanna Tucker (University of Glasgow)
  "Rethinking Cartulary Manuscripts from 13th-Century Scotland"
• Dauvit Broun (University of Glasgow)
  "Investigating Single Sheet Copies with Anachronistic Features of Handwriting and Diplomatic"
• Matthew H. Hammond (University of Glasgow)
  "Tracing the Use of Status Titles in Scottish Charters"

Session 1539: Digital Methods, I: Computer-Assisted Approaches to Palaeography
Thursday 6th July: 9am-10.30am
• Stewart J. Brookes (King's College London)
  "Models of Authority: All About that Database"
• Michael MacPherson (University of Iceland, Reykjavík)
  "Towards Digital Palaeographical Handbooks for Vernacular Scripts: Some Desiderata from the Perspective of Old Icelandic Script"
• Peter A. Stokes (King's College London)
  "The Problem of Multigraphism: A Digital Approach to Transversal Palaeography"

Session 1639: Digital Methods, II: Manuscript Images in Theory and in Practice
Thursday 6th July: 11.15am-12.45pm
• Keri Thomas (Independent Scholar, Aberystwyth)
  "The Practical and Theoretical Consequences of the Use of Digital Surrogates"
• Bill Endres (University of Oklahoma)
  "Color Literacy: What Every Medievalist Should Know Who Has Taken a Photo of a Manuscript with a Smartphone and Thought, It Might Be a Palimpsest"
• Thomas Konidaris (Universität Hamburg)
  "Image Processing Methods for Determining Visual Manuscript and Character Features"

Session 1739: Digital Methods, III: Metadata, Shared Standards, and Tools for Manuscript Study
Thursday 6th July: 2.15pm-3.45pm
•  Samuel Rubenson (Lunds Universitet)
  "Formative Wisdom"
•  Matthew L. Holford (Bodleian Library, University of Oxford)
  "Manuscript Cataloguing in a Digital Age"
•  Cai Henderson (University of Toronto)
  "De-Localising the Archive: Uses and Applications of IIIF for Medieval Manuscript Repositories"


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