Papers of Françoise Henry Available Online

Perhaps this is old news, but I have just stumbled across a collection of the papers of Françoise Henry on the UCD Digital Library website. The collection includes 174 items by Henry now held in the UCD Archives, and includes research notes, correspondence, articles and lectures. Quoting from the website, Henry's collection includes

Textual and visual material consisting mainly of notes, drawings and plans, documenting early Christian Irish art, its inspiration and the extent of its influence in Europe, in areas including architecture, sculpture, manuscripts, metalwork, ivory and textiles.

It is not immediately obvious who else is represented in the digital collection, but a search for 'Manuscripts' reveals 170 items, many but by no means all of which are Henry's. For example, there is some material by Eugene O'Curry (1796-1862), including 'general correspondence on antiquarian, genealogical, linguistic and literary matters', and correspondence between John O'Donovan (1809-1861) and William Reeves (1815-1892). There's also a photograph of Ludwig Bieler, and undoubtedly many other palaeographical treasures as well. If you're aware of any items of particular interest, or of similar materials elsewhere, then please do contribute in the 'Comments' box below.


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