Anglo-Saxon MSS Online IV: Trinity College Cambridge

I am very grateful this time to Tessa Webber who has pointed out to me that many manuscripts of the Wren Library at Trinity College Cambridge are now available online. M.R. James' catalogue of manuscripts at Trinity College has been on the Web in searchable form for some time at, but what is less well-known is that many entries now have digitised images of the complete manuscripts as well. All material relevant to DigiPal is already available, and a quick look suggests that most if not all of the Anglo-Saxon material is as well. If not then do check again regularly, as I understand that they are posting new material as they go.

Click here to see all Trinity College Cambridge hands, manuscripts and scribes in the DigiPal database.

The table below lists manuscripts from Trinity which contain material in Old English from the eleventh century.

GShelfmarkDescriptionMS Desc. Index
174  B.11.2  Amalarius (s. x) with OE glosses
175  B.14.3  Arator (s. x/xi) with OE gloss on 23r
177  B.15.34  Ælfric, Homilies (s. xi med.)
188  O.1.18  Augustine, Enchiridion
189  O.2.30  Benedictine Rule (s. x med.) with OE glosses on 130–157 (s. xi)
190  O.2.31  Prosper, Distica Catonis, etc. (s. x/xi) with OE glosses (s. xi med.)
193  O.3.7  Boethius, De consolatione (s. x2) with OE glosses on 14r and 28r (s. xi)
180  R.5.22  OE Pastoral Care (s. x/xi)
182  R.9.17  Ælfric, Grammar etc. (s. xi/xii)
186  R.15.32  'Winchester Computus' (s. xi1) with OE on pp. 15–26 (names of months, s. xi in.) and addition on p. 36 (s. xi ex.)



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