Anglo-Saxon MSS Online VIII: Free Library of Philadelphia

As summer starts to warm up, it's time for another instalment in our ever popular series that lists Anglo-Saxon manuscripts online. This time, it's the turn of the Free Library of Philadelphia which holds a ninth-century fragment of the prose version of Aldhelm's De Virginitate (John Frederick Lewis Collection T121).

On the "front" side of the fragment, there are two Old English glosses, dated to the second half of the tenth century and you can just about make them out on the digital image (hint: use the zoom function on your browser to increase the size of the image and then use your imagination to unfuzz the blur).

The glosses are "to" which is placed above "ad" (line 7) and "gemene" which is above "ceremonias" (line 8).

To view the fragment on the Free Library of Philadelphia website, click here.

For details of related fragments, view the entry on the DigiPal site.

With thanks to Katharine C Chandler (Keeper of Medieval Manuscripts at the Free Library of Philadelphia) whose posting on Twitter alerted us to the fact that the fragment is online.

Further refs: Ker Supplement 12; Gneuss 857; Scragg 225.


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