Anglo-Saxon MSS Online X: The British Library

The British Library is digitising its material at a great rate, and a recent post on their blog includes a spreadsheet with the latest list of their material (1111 manuscripts to date). Although this list will undoubtedly grow very quickly, it nevertheless seems worthwhile to extract those entries which are included in the DigiPal database and to list them here (copied and pasted without any alteration):

Add MS 37777 Bible fragment from the Book of Kings (the 'Greenwell leaf' of the 'Ceolfrith or Ceolfrid Bible')
Add MS 40165 A Cyprian epistles and Old English Martyrology fragments
Add MS 40618 Gospel-book ('The Irish Pocket Gospel-book')
Add MS 45025 Bible fragment from the Book of Kings ('the Ceolfrith or Ceolfrid Bible')
Add MS 49598 The Benedictional of St Æthelwold
Add MS 61735 Farming memoranda of Ely Abbey
Add MS 89000 The St Cuthbert Gospel
Cotton MS Claudius B IV Old English Hexateuch (imperfect)
Cotton MS Domitian A VII Gospel extracts; ‘Durham Liber Vitae’
Cotton MS Galba A XVIII ‘Æthelstan Psalter’ or ‘Galba Psalter’
Cotton MS Nero D IV Lindisfarne Gospels
Cotton MS Tiberius A II Æthelstan or Coronation Gospels
Cotton MS Tiberius C VI The 'Tiberius Psalter'
Cotton MS Vespasian A I The Vespasian Psalter
Cotton MS Vespasian A VIII New Minster Charter
Cotton MS Vitellius A XV Augustine of Hippo, Soliloquia; Marvels of the East; Beowulf; Judith, etc.
Harley MS 76 Gospels (the 'Bury Gospels')
Harley MS 208 Letters of Alcuin and Dungal
Harley MS 603 The Harley Psalter
Harley MS 603/1 Detached binding from Harley MS 603
Harley MS 585 Medical miscellany
Harley MS 647 Collection of astronomical and astrological texts
Harley MS 2506 Collection of astronomical and astrological treatises
Harley MS 2904 Ramsey Psalter' or 'Psalter of Oswald'
Harley MS 3271 Collection of grammatical and computistical texts
Harley MS 5228 Medical miscellany
Add MS 9381 Gospel-book with added Cornish records of manumissions ('The Bodmin Gospels' or 'St Petroc Gospels')
Royal MS 1 A XIV Gospels (the 'Wessex Gospels')
Royal MS 1 B VII Gospel Book ('The Royal Athelstan Gospels')
Royal MS 1 D IX Gospels (the 'Cnut Gospels')
Royal MS 1 E VI Gospels (the 'Royal Bible')
Royal MS 6 C I Isidore of Seville, Etymologiae


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